You deserve to feel well. 

But feeling well in a world of overwhelm can seem impossible. Especially when “wellness” is marketed as an exclusive club for members only. 

Here at Soul House Love, we believe in giving you an all-access pass.

Who are we? We’re Stephanie Wood and Tanya Nagaraja—veteran mamas on a mission to create an inclusive wellness community. One that’s big on diversity, inclusivity, and allyship. Not on bypassing or appropriation.

For us this starts with offering you an assorted platter of contemplative and mystical practices. To taste or dive into, and decide what resonates for you on your own terms.

Through our podcast and website resources, we cover everything ranging from astrology to crystal healing, energy work to intuitive eating, and even tantric Ayurveda. All from the perspective of relevant practitioners and thought leaders. Plus so much more. 

We present everything with a good dose of wit and grit, and we’re not here to pretend like the right amount of green juice or the perfectly arranged altar is the key you need to living a healthy and more connected life. We never take a one-size fits all approach, or pressure you to try anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

The topics we cover are here to empower you to make choices to feel well according to what most aligns with who you are, and where you’re at. We don’t impose standards or make judgments. 

So long as you have the desire to experience well-being, you can sit with us.

Because in our experience, the world of wellness and woo hasn’t always felt inviting. As much as we’ve been eager to learn and explore these spheres, we’ve been unable to find a grounded sense of belonging in them.

We’ve rarely come across bodies and voices that reflect our own. And we know we’re not alone. 

That’s why we’re creating a space where beginners are welcome and encouraged. 

Where wellness comes in all shapes and sizes.

Where your curiosity and your skepticism each have a rightful place. 

Where you can find perspectives from all colors and walks of life.

Where spirituality is already within you, and you never have to feel self-conscious about not knowing enough.

If you’ve been searching for wellness and woo that resonates, you’ve come to the right place. 

So grab a nice cuppa, relax, and explore with us. And get witchy—only if you want to.