Astrological Forecast for December 2020

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

If November didn’t shake your world up enough, December surely will. We enter this last bombastic month of 2020 on the tail end of a lunar eclipse in Gemini. The moon is waning, and the madness is picking up for one last hurrah as this year of reckoning comes to a close.

Eclipse season spanning the first two weeks of December will have us exchanging some of our old stories for drastically newer ones. Notice where your evidence has become stale and outdated. It may just be time for an upgrade.

Collectively, these eclipses indicate a release of trust in dogmatic sources of authority, as we fumble around wondering where we should get our information moving forward. Expect to receive news that challenges your understanding of the world—especially in the first 2 weeks of December.

That being said, here’s the cosmic weather for the month ahead.

December 1st

On the tail end of the full moon in Gemini, Mercury (the ruler of this moon) enters Sagittarius, and will stay there until the 20th. We get an uptick in optimism after Mercury’s long wade in murky Scorpio waters. We’ve likely deepened our awareness to unavoidable truths, and now we’re ready for some lighter mental lifting. You might find yourself speaking more bluntly and impulsively, and being quick to point out what you see to be “wrong”. Notice where you jump to conclusions, where you might be a little fundamentalist in your thinking, and possibly even a little hypocritical. That being said, there’s bound to be humor aplenty.

December 9th

Today the Sun squares Neptune and you might find yourself taking a different route. What do you find along the way? Does it shake up what you thought you were sure of? Whatever it is, your certainty may meet a roadblock today. The day might feel hazy in general, so give yourself space to rest, dream, imagine, and maybe even meditate. This is not a day for go-go-going.

December 13th

Today Mercury squares Neptune. Notice if your words become distorted. “Wait, did I really just say that?” More broadly, this aspect signals deluded thinking and speaking. When truth becomes tainted by an “agenda” that may claim to be a manifestation of some “higher octave” reality. Cut through the bullshit that isn’t connecting you back to your body. “Conspirituality” is at an all-time high these days. Don’t be fazed by what sounds glossy and promising. Be attentive to big sweeping statements made in whatever channels you’re connected to.

December 14th

Today’s new moon in Sagittarius (and total solar eclipse!) brings the grand finale to this round of eclipses. And what a loaded moon it is! Square Neptune, conjunct Mercury, and in a trine to Mars, this new moon encourages us to shake off whatever story has kept us stagnant and fearful. Mercury in a trine with Mars is here to support us in acting boldly and living out our “truth” from here on out. What have you learned this past month that updates your authentic way of being? Still not a good time for manifesting rituals. Take it easy, and see what comes.

December 15th

Today Venus enters freedom-loving Sagittarius (and will stay there into January) and Chiron stations direct in Aries. The vibe gets more adventurous—we’re free at last from Scorpio’s deep terrains!—and we can reaffirm love to be boundless and spreadable. Today might have a bit of a somber note with Chiron emphasizing what we’ve been learning over the past few months about our identity wounds. Venus is here to remind us we’re not confined to them.

December 16th

Today Saturn enters Aquarius, coming back to a point it entered back in late March/early April—back when “social-distancing” first came on our radar. Saturn will stay in Aquarius for roughly the next two and a half years. Here to teach us the repercussions of our social systems, Saturn can help us pave the way to create newer ones. Will our new systems develop around more progressive thinking, or will we retreat into greater distance and isolation? How much more virtual will our lives become? The next two and a half years are likely to show.

December 19th

Today Jupiter enters Aquarius, initiating a year of growth and exploration regarding how we can innovate our lives and create original solutions to meet the mounting needs for change around us. Notice what expands within you today.

December 20th

Mercury moves into Capricorn today and we’re getting serious about our words. Practice meaning what you say, and saying what you mean as succinctly as possible for the next few weeks.

December 21st

Today is the winter solstice, the Sun enters Capricorn, and Jupiter and Saturn make their epic conjunction in the sign of Aquarius. This is known as the “Great Mutation”, signaling a change of age, wherein the next 150 years Saturn and Jupiter will come together exclusively in air signs, having now completed their 200-year round in earth signs. This is an introduction to a collective shift in consciousness. Today itself may feel mundane, but it’s charged with potent near-future transformation. Side-note: assassinations of public figures have notoriously coincided with these conjunctions. Pay attention to what begins to shift, and the speed of change around this time.

December 23rd

Mars squares Pluto today, pushing us to wrestle with what we’re willing to give up to make bold actions aligned with who we are, and what we wish to see in the world. Mercury also squares Chiron. Today may feel intense, brooding, and you may find yourself feeling defensive. Ease up on whatever is beyond your control. Relax into your resistance.

December 24th/25th

This year’s holiday vibe is bound to feel unusual with Mercury’s trine to Uranus. The Sun squares Chiron, and the hurt we hide may become glaringly apparent. If you’re celebrating the holidays and spending time with loved ones, try having some new conversations. Notice where silence protects what’s old and stale. Travelling at the risk of continually rising infections will continue to be a hot debate.

December 29th

We have a full moon in Cancer, always on time to expose our feels and encourage some deep healing. The moon sextiles Uranus and whaddya know—feeling comfortable in our own vulnerability is actually liberating.

December 30th

Venus squares Neptune, and we’re encouraged to reflect on this wild heck of a year. Of all the mess and discomfort and chaos, was there anything you found beautiful? Have your feelings about this year softened in any way? Today might feel heavy, but I encourage you to reflect in a way that celebrates your wins, and rewards your growth and adaptability.

If you’d like a personalized understanding of how you’re being impacted by these transits, or what to look for in 2021—book a reading with me. We can map out your year ahead, and get to the root of whatever’s keeping you “stuck.”

Try to stay warm-spirited and hopeful this December. And remember, you’re doing a damn-good job just being you.

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