Betsy Granville: Channeled Message for August 2020 - For The Children

We are here, dear one. Blessed are those that gather together with us this day with lofty intention and full hearts, for we are here to speak of and on behalf of the children in your midst.

Your children are safe in God’s hands. Your children are blessed beings, shards of the light of the great creator being, and part of the sun, the moon and all the stars. They are close to Source, newly emerged from divine light and love. You feel this in them. You know this in them. What will your children teach you this day? What will they have to offer their parents, their grandparents, their so-named teachers? Your children are wise beyond measure. They are powerful beyond belief. They have not forgotten who they truly are in quite the same way that most of you have yet. Their knowing is close to their hearts. Their joy for life is on the tips of their tongues, it is in the skip of their feet, it is in the sound of their laughter, and it is manifest in their kindness. Your children are your greatest teachers; this has been said many times. But what does it mean? Why are your children such a source of wisdom and intelligence?

Your children are creator beings, just as are all of you. They came in creating through their vibration even before they were born, and they will continue creating throughout their lives, every moment of every day. The difference between children and adults lies in the degree of their conditioning. Children are pure Source energy radiating out into the world, and their vibration influences everyone and everything around them. Are the moldable? Yes, very! Are they independent and sovereign? Yes, absolutely! They are both. But most adults forget just how creative and powerful children are in their own right. They are influencing with their vibration just like everyone else, but their vibration is less cluttered by beliefs, filters, and blocks that adults have picked up along the way. The song of the child is clear and bright. At a deep, deep level, they know exactly who they are, exactly where they come from, and exactly where they want to go.

Life will have challenges for them—they knew that coming in—and they possess the will and ability to prevail. This is the learning process as they adjust to the human world and its conditions. Trust that life will deliver to them exactly what they need to acclimate to life here, to gain all that they came for, and to set them back down gently on the other side when the time comes to return to Source again. Life is always firmly in their camp. Life is always offering them exactly what they are vibrationally asking for, and in that asking and receiving, they learn to adjust their course accordingly. They are assisted and supported by the other side of the veil at all times. They are cherished and loved by Spirit every step and every skip of the way. In this sense, your babies are also our babies.

Life is full of lessons, of course, some harder than others. The temptation of parents is to give their children everything that they think they need, to feather their nests, and help prevent some of life’s hard lessons. The job of the parent is not to remove these lessons, but to “spot” their children as they try on different experiences. Though you may have more life experience under your belt, each child has a navigational system like your GPS that is unique to them and perfectly programmed to suit their life path and lessons. This system is well suited to helping them find their way. You can take a breath and trust this. It does not mean that they will not make mistakes, that they will not fall and have to get back up again, or that there will not be some scars, but it does mean that they are always supported and have the power within themselves to make choices for themselves. Your job is to remind them that they have this system when they fall and are forgetful. Your job is to get down on your knees and look into their eyes, reflecting back to them all the power and beauty and goodness and love that you see there. Scraped knees are going to happen. They are part of this life’s journey, and your job is not so much to prevent them from happening as to love your child and remind them of their own truth when they do.

Your children are far stronger than most of you realize. They are spirits who, like you, help give birth to the world you know in every moment. They are potent creators, connected to the All That Is, and here ready to play! Your children come forth with gusto, ready to add their new energy to the matrix, knowing that what they bring is indeed a gift and a blessing for the earth and all of her inhabitants. Friends of the angels, sons and daughters of Spirit, your children come for a time to be a part of your family and that of the human race. They come despite the hardships many know they will face. They are born of courage, born of joy, and, most of all, born of love.

They bring joy and truth and love to this world, and they are to be revered, respected, and loved. Try taking the focus off of the fear for their safety and worry for their future, and put it instead on the wonder of who they are and what they are creating with their perspective and frequency. They are an aspect of the light, and they have much to model and teach.

Betsy Granville is a Spiritual Intuitive + Medium

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