Betsy Granville: Channeled Message for June 2020 - The Revolution Within

We would like to first acknowledge the tremendous changes happening on your planet now. Many of those on the earth plane are rising up in protest over the injustices of the past and present. Countless individuals who have not had a full say, who have been ignored, put down, and otherwise hurt by the collective systems of disempowerment are demanding for their voices to be heard and their needs to be acknowledged. This is a call to action for society at large.

The underlying emotions of fear, hatred, anger, and righteous indignation are pushing up from under the surface, creating cracks in the foundation on which your society rests. These cracks may feel disruptive and frightening at times, but ultimately they are important, as they expose opportunities for growth as a society. This, as the Shel Silverstein poem goes, is where the sidewalk ends. This is the place where you step off and into your true potential as a collective. It is where an old-world ends and a new one begins. This is the place where you dig deep together and commit to change. It is the launching off point, the catapult, the springboard.

The momentum has been building for some time, has it not? And now here you are at the end of the board, ready to spring into new ways of thinking and doing, new ways of governing and circumscribing your reality. You are shedding the shackles of what has been and embracing new possibilities for the future. It often takes, as they say, an “act of Congress” for change to be made. This can feel like an overwhelming prospect requiring a herculean effort, but it need not be so when many are united for a common cause. Old pain is being exposed for what it is and brought to the surface to be healed. Rather than an act of Congress, this is happening through many acts by the people. The people are asking to be heard, swarming the streets, and demanding change. Change does not happen overnight, but this is the way of all successful revolutions: they start in the streets with those who are least supported by the current system making themselves heard. Their outcry raises the awareness of others who are watching and listening. One cannot do it alone, but together, "we the people” are all-powerful.

We invite you to hear the pleas of your brothers and sisters, to encourage peaceful demonstration, and to open your hearts to those whose voices are getting louder. This collective song is rising and ringing out into the night. We invite you to go deeper and heal any and all places where you feel scared, angry, frustrated, or vengeful. This is the time for individual and collective healing of the shadow aspect. What is the shadow? It is the parts within yourself that you deny, the emotions that you have buried, the most vulnerable, young, and small facets which are asking for your attention and love. As a society, you can only move forward so far while dragging these heavy, dense, shadow parts with you. They are limiting your growth, plain and simple.

What can you do to support the BLM movement? You can ask to be shown each and every one of these shadow aspects within yourself and make a commitment to loving yourself free of them. You cannot make them go away by pretending they aren’t there or demanding that they leave. They are coming up to be healed. You heal them by listening to them, acknowledging and honoring them, and allowing them to let go. As you do this as individuals, you do this as a collective, and as you do this as a collective, a new reality begins to show up. You make different choices, you see yourself in one another, and you honor each other in new ways. You begin to create new guidelines as a society that reflect the love and respect you hold for one other. Again, this does not happen overnight, but it does happen. A shift in consciousness is the underpinning, the very foundation, and impetus for the creation of a new cultural experience and societal norm.

We appreciate the strides you are making as individuals and as a society. Change is upon you. You are all sculptors shaping and creating your collective reality, and how you mold the clay from here is up to you. What can you envision for this next chapter? What can you imagine to be possible? Your focus is like a laser beam cutting through the darkness, and it can bring great light to your reality. You are all-powerful, magnificent creators meant to uplift and bring your light to what is happening now. There is no easy way out, but you did not come for easy. You came to be a part of this great transformation in consciousness. You came for the joy and the love of all of life and all of humanity.

Life is asking you to become more than you have been, to reach out in new ways, and to embrace new ideals. Step off the sidewalk and bring your love and your light to every situation you encounter because you can. After all, you were born for this!

There is great love for you here. We are complete.

Betsy Granville is a Spiritual Intuitive + Medium

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