Betsy Granville: Channeled Messages for May 2020- The Great Transition

We wish to bring through a message for the ages, and a message for this age. This message is not new, but it is ever relevant to the times in which you live now. There are waves of energy bathing your planet which are causing a great expansion for humanity and your earth. These can be experienced, yes, as turmoil, but also as an opportunity -- an opening for greater love and awareness to come through and reach the hearts and minds of many. This is happening for you as individuals, but also on a collective scale. Humanity is on the verge, on the precipice, of a great transition. Transitions are not always experienced as easy, as smooth, as harmonious, but we assure you that this transition is intentional -- that each of your souls contracted to be here and now at this time of great transition, or awakening. You are both bringing your collective energies to it -- contributing to it in this way --- and benefiting from it. It’s a mutual agreement and relationship. This perspective can be difficult to reach when your heads are down and you are in worry or fear, but all it takes is a simple lifting of your chin to see from another perspective, and it greatly behooves you to do so now -- to remember some aspect of why you came and how this transition is here FOR all.

What do you see when you lift your chin and raise your vision? You see a glimpse of the larger sky that shelters you. You see light and a great expansiveness, do you not? There are worlds upon worlds around you, available to you, at any given moment. Which one will you choose? You choose through your focus and attention, dear ones. You choose by giving your attention -- your energy. We invite you to remember that you have a choice at any given moment. This takes effort at times, to look away from that viewpoint which is most compelling, that which has the greatest gravitational pull based on the amount of energy being contributed to it, and to look FURTHER. To look into the great BEYOND and ask: how else could I see this? How else could I HOLD this?

Let us remind you, dear ones, that you are not just passive witnesses to your reality, but creators of your reality. And how do you create? You create through your focused attention and vibration. You create through your thoughts -- these are electric -- and your emotions -- these are magnetic -- and through your vibration -- the sum total of all of your beliefs, conscious and subconscious. (You have subconscious beliefs about what is possible and not possible, who you are and who you are not, the nature of creation.) Collective creation is what determines your world. This creating is happening at all times, in all moments and matters of NOW. The question is simply how conscious this creation is. You can only bring to your world that which you believe to be possible. You can only contribute what you can envision. The world is not static. It is not solid. It is an ever-morphing vibrational, or energetic, field which you imprint with your thoughts and emotions.

The creation of a new earth--the opportunity being presented to you during this larger time--is made possible through intentional imprinting. This requires shifts in the hearts and minds of much of humanity. While the hardships occurring now have left much suffering in their wake, they have also presented the opportunity for more and more to avail themselves of greater knowing. Just as removing old socks that had been stuffed, tucked away into long-forgotten corners, creates an opportunity for light to fill in there, this virus has exposed old strategies, protective mechanisms, and shadow aspects, allowing space for more light to enter.

A new day is dawning now on earth. This undertaking is not completed overnight, but it is in process. This is only as difficult to see as one’s sense of limitation is great. The further the head is tilted toward the ground, the more challenging it is to see the sky. We acknowledge that there is clearly work to be done on the ground level. There is no doubt about it, but this work also offers the chance for many to open their hearts and bring their gifts, their skills, all that they came here fully equipped with and intending to use, to the situation at hand. In addition, it offers the opportunity for a greater sense of community, a uniting and coming together which your world has not seen for some time. It offers many the chance to slow down and re-evaluate their priorities, pace, and possibilities for the future.

Let us offer this analogy. How do you build a house? Building a house generally, starts with great upheaval, does it not? Dirt is moved, large holes are dug, space is cleared. If one only looked at the upheaval--the dirt, the disarray, the loss or change from what was there before, then this could be cause for great concern and even upset. If, however, one had a sense of the larger plan at work -- if you could see the blueprints, the architect’s plans sketching out each and every phase and detail of the work and the assembling of the house to be built here, the new home which is being created, why then this would not be cause for upset so much as understood to be a phase in a larger plan. We understand that this is difficult to see from your perspective now when you are in the weeds, so to speak. But we offer assurance that there is a much larger plan at work now and that ALL souls on the planet -- yes, ALL -- at this time have not only agreed to be a part of this plan but willingly agreed and asked to be a part of the Great Transition occurring now. As at all times, some have chosen to see this piece through and remain on the planet, and some have chosen to take their leave and make their individual shift to the other side as a part of this greater plan. There can be a sense of loss, but there is so much to be gained when seen from a higher perspective. We offer our love and support at all times to all, and we encourage you when in doubt, to lift your chin and choose a higher perspective. It is always available to you and is always here for you. With great love, we are complete.

Betsy Granville is a Spiritual Intuitive + Medium

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