Kim Vorberger: Clean + Slow Motherhood

If you’re a Mother to children, fur babies, business, or all of the above, you are regularly taking care of something or someone else. This month as we celebrate Mothers and the Mother’s Moon, it’s the perfect time to focus on how we take care of ourselves and the great Momma Earth.

The two beautifully coincide. The more holistically and naturally we take care of ourselves, the more we automatically nurture the Earth and all her inhabitants, supporting the environment and collective consciousness.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using what the Earth has given us to heal and flourish. The endless ways plants can support us physically, emotionally, and spiritually are simply magical. The great Momma takes such good care of us!

Although we’re blessed with modern medicine, it is also a reason why many of us are not listening to our bodies. Natural remedies like essential oils can address the root cause of many physical symptoms and are a beautiful complement to any emotional or spiritual healing journey.

It is so freeing to be able to hear the body’s messages and respond with love and nourishment.

Deep Relief Roll-On is a pre-diluted roll-on perfect for achy backs from leaning over to help littles and pets.

Stress Away is a sweet blend I used daily during my daughter’s threenager phase. Lately, I have been mixing it with Lime (uplifting) and Peppermint (energizing) in the diffuser. Stress Away is also available as a roll-on or you can smell it directly from the bottle for quick aromatherapy support.

Bergamot is a citrusy essential oil that smells delicious enough to be worn as a toxin-free perfume. It is very nourishing to the endocrine system and can help with the occasional blues.

Ylang Ylang is a beautiful floral oil that is also very balancing to the endocrine system and helps balance emotions. Joy is my favorite blend that contains bergamot, ylang-ylang and other emotional support oils. Add a drop of your favorite to your wrists or behind the ears and breathe in.

Peace & Calming is a blend that belongs in every nursery and bedroom! I like to diffuse a drop or two of it with 5-6 drops of Lavender at bedtime. If you enjoy taking baths, add a few drops of each to your Epsom salt for a luxurious and relaxing spa bath experience.

As crazy as it may be at your house right now, remember to stop for a few minutes each day to nourish yourself. The fuller our cups are, the more we can pour from them.

For more holistic wellness ideas, join me over on IG @kimvorberger.

Take care!

Xx, Kim

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