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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Your January Astro Forecast & Resolution ‘Scopes for Each Sign

Wow you made it. Out of the hell hole of 2020, and into this bright, fresh, and not-yet-tainted year. While there’s loads of uncertainty still ahead, we’ve gotten better at accepting reality in its chaotic and ever-changing form.

Looking back at this past year we find a time collage of broken hopes, disappointments, magnified moments of grief and despair, sliced together with breakthroughs, loving gestures, impressive feats, and testaments to our adaptability and resilience.

Give it a nice frame and hang it on the wall. We can always stand to be reminded of what we’re capable of.

2021 promises to be better—but only if we choose to make it so.

January’s astrology offers us plenty of opportunities to set up our foundations, get settled in our winter groove, and begin imagining and experimenting with our co-creative potential.

The Forecast:

January 6th Mars enters Taurus

What a relief! Mars has been in Aries for the past six months, simmering us in anger, and occasionally bringing us to a full raging boil. With Mars in Taurus we can welcome a more tempered, patient approach to getting things done. You’ll feel less aggravated, but things will take longer. Taurus won’t be rushed, and Mars here can help us relish the moment, connect with our bodies, and learn the art of patient persistence. Mars will be in Taurus until March so get comfy.

January 8th Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn

Mercury here can help us innovate and find solutions to complex issues. This is a heady vibe, encouraging us to focus on the intersections of our lives, and how to make things work better for ourselves and all involved. Remember to ground your body when you take in new information. Listen to podcasts while you go for walks or prepare meals—you may find yourself preferring audiobooks over music this next month. You might especially enjoy expanding your mind with ideas that enhance our collective well-being.

On the same day Venus enters Capricorn to lavish us in what is haute, and make us see what is clearly not in good taste. Choose quality over quantity in your relationships, purchases, and pleasures. Tending to the essentials can feel surprisingly satisfying for the next few weeks.

January 13 New Moon in Capricorn

This new moon gives us a potent kickstart to a new cycle, project, or manifestation. Finally free of Saturn’s harshness and conjunct Pluto, this new moon has the potential to feel cathartic and revelatory in deep, meaningful ways. Wherever you have Capricorn in your chart, any intentions you set here can have profound long-term impact.

January 17th Jupiter squares Uranus

With Uranus just having stationed direct after months being retrograde, we’re being pulled to have a breakthrough mid-January. It may seem to come out of nowhere, but expect to experience a strong urge to shake up the habitual ways you’ve been doing things wherever you have Taurus in your chart. You’re being supported to realize what patterns are no longer serving your stability. Don’t be afraid to let the conditioned behaviors go so necessary innovations can take root.

January 19th Sun enters Aquarius

By now the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are together in the sign of Aquarius making this time of year feel especially Aquarian. Get technical and metaphysical, explore far-out ideas, play with detachment, and consider your (and OUR) collective work in dismantling current systems of oppression—just in time for the next presidential inauguration.

January 28th Full moon in Leo

This full moon squares Uranus, and opposes Jupiter making it bombastic and worthy of expressing your fullest and most audacious self. It’s hard to celebrate at such a dark and cold time of year, but try to do whatever most lights up your spirit and makes you feel seen as you truly are.

January 30 Mercury stations retrograde

Mercury stations retrograde to take us on another spin in which we can experiment and explore the ways we communicate—particularly in the part of our charts where we have Aquarius. Technical blips and zany conversations are sure to be the highlight of most of February. In these few days before Mercury’s station, expect situations to arise that will need rehashing next month.

Your 2021 Resolution ‘Scopes


I commit to showing up for the groups and communities I’m a part of. I create a well-resourced and inclusive space for individuals (like me) to belong.


I commit to bold, embodied self-expression. I open myself up to new career and leadership roles that support the paradigms I hold most dear.


I commit to the studies and projects that support me to feel more grounded and at peace with where I am. I make space for rest and integration as my awareness expands.


I commit to getting comfortable working with others. When I get involved with those I trust and share my values with, my collaborations feel liberating and fulfilling.


I commit to creating and maintaining innovative relationships. I make time for those who support and inspire my professional success, and who are willing to challenge conventional structures of relating.


I commit to being flexible in my long term plans. I devote myself to the details of my day to day, find wisdom in the little moments, and explore how my routine fits into the bigger picture of my life.


I commit to birthing something bigger than myself. I explore what it means to resource my time, money, and how to navigate the precarious balance in relying on others for help.


I commit to investigating the meaning of home, and the ways I long to be rooted. I free myself from relationships that don’t create belonging, and open myself to cultivating those that do.


I commit to exploring new terrain in the ways I communicate. My latest journey concerns where my ideas travel, who they meet, and how to find space for spontaneity in my daily commitments.


I commit to supporting myself in ways that help circulate abundance, and move money to where it’s most needed. My self-expression isn’t hindered, but enhanced in the ways I do business.


I commit to experiencing a personal revolution. I unearth and release the inherited beliefs that keep me from settling into the most authentic version of myself.


I commit to creating sanctuaries for healing. The wisdom I gather in solitude informs the messages I share straight from the Earth, for the benefit of all beings.

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