Ilana Khin: Astrological Forecast for November 2020- Election Anxiety (and Hangover)

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Election Anxiety & the Month Ahead — Astrology Forecast for November 2020 To say this month starts out with a bang would be an understatement. We’ve got the full (and blue) moon in Taurus waning from its electrifying conjunction with Uranus. Was your Halloween spooky? Did things come out of nowhere?  November 1st brings us a Venus opposition to Chiron. As our resistance to change gets tested by the full moon, we get a prick—or a pronounced cut—through our hearts, demanding we acknowledge where we’ve been cutting off from ourselves. Mercury (still retrograde) also squares Saturn for these first days in November, creating some relational challenges, and asking us to stay even-keeled and discerning as we navigate information slow to reveal itself. Have patience. Breathe through any reactivity. You don’t have to know right now. And don’t assume others know either.   November 3rd is a big day. The big E-word we’re all equally hopeful for and fearful of. Mercury stations direct, which means clarity is closer but not here yet. There’s a chance we won’t know the real election results on this day—echoing what happened in the presidential election of 2000 when Mercury was also retrograde.  Regardless of what happens, our work doesn’t end here. We must continue our fight to dismantle systems of oppression until they are obsolete. Remember you don’t have to watch. If the election is creating anxiety and instability for you—like for so many of us—turn it off and return to yourself. This is the time for self-care. Regardless of what happens, we continue. Do whatever you need to do to ensure you can continue. No matter what happens, we still have a long road ahead.  November 6th Mercury makes its final square to Saturn, solidifying some retrograde lessons. What have we learned since the end of September that we’ve been unsure to act on? Whatever it is, we likely have more information now to make a solid decision. November 9th Venus opposes Mars (still retrograde in Aries). How are our actions and desires in the pursuit of greater love, harmony, and justice? Is our fight for freedom limited to ourselves? Or are we in the pursuit of freedom as shared sovereignty?  November 10th Mercury re-enters Scorpio, and conversations become edgier and deeper, as we probe through whatever the retrograde revealed to us in mid October’s murky domains. Truth is purged, our observations are sharper, and we are reading between the lines. Whatever arises for you again is worth looking at. November 12th Jupiter makes its third and final conjunction to Pluto. This is impact compounded. Ground-breaking revelation. Expect magnification of a situation you’ve been made aware of since January. This transit may feel rewarding or tough to swallow. November 13th Mars stations direct after a long and grueling retrograde. It’s finally over, hurrah! We’ll likely feel some relief after several months of drudgery and lethargy. Especially if you’ve been struggling with fatigue, depression, low libido, and loss of drive or passion recently, expect things to start looking up.  November 15th we have a new moon in Scorpio, and Venus will square Pluto. Take some time for introspection today. This is a great opportunity to quietly envision your sacred unfolding. Who are you becoming in your most recent iteration? How is it in alignment with your heart, and in service to the hearts of others with you in this time and space? November 16th Venus squares Jupiter and can make us a little frustrated by whatever is getting in the way of our desire to feel connected to those we love. The reality of quarantine’s winter edition may start to sink in. November 17th Mercury opposes Uranus, echoing the last time it did so on October 19th. Expect some kind of shock or surprise that may be an echo of something from the prior month. November 19th Venus squares Saturn and our hearts may feel a little heavy today. Try your best to be tender to those around you (always) and especially today.  November 21st Venus enters Scorpio and things start to get a little sultry for the next few weeks. From now until December 15th, connect to the hot and heavy desires you might keep hidden. Venus in Scorpio is also a great time to heal issues around shame. On this day the sun enters Sagittarius, so we may feel a jolt of enthusiasm, and some relief from the heaviness of Scorpio season. November 24th Mercury trines Neptune, making emotional truths and intuition easier to access and express.  November 26th is American “Thanksgiving”. The sun trines Chiron, hitting at the truths we deny at the expense of others’ pain. This gathering will inevitably be different, and likely smaller than usual. If we are feasting and enjoying time with family and friends, can we also set the intention to acknowledge the plight of indigenous people in our country, and how much of our sustenance is indebted to their wisdom? Do we have resources to spare to donate to their cause for land and culture resilience? To deny speaking the truth is to stay on the surface, and to continue our complicity in the violence. Indigenous lives matter today, and every day. November 27th Mercury sextiles Pluto, and Venus opposes Uranus. There’s excitement in the air, we’re feeling turned on in some way, and possibly more open-minded in our interests and preferences.  Finally, on November 30th we have a full moon in Gemini—also a lunar eclipse—continuing our saga of eclipses which began on this axis earlier in June. Eclipses are portals of intensity, where time appears to speed up, and we get ushered into new chapters of our lives. We’ll dive further into the eclipse season in next month’s forecast. But for now, despite bleaker weather, November should be nothing short of exciting. Take care of yourselves, your loved ones, and don’t dread. The earth is still spinning and we are still here.  If you’re in need of emotional support or personalized astrological guidance for navigating your life

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