FEBRUARY: Jupiter DMs "you up?" Mercury is "liking" your pics from 2012...V-Day Retrograde!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Are you ready for change? Because this month brings us a great deal of cosmic friction to encourage shifting gears where we’re most resistant.

As of February 1st, 5 of the 7 traditional planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn) are all in Aquarius, which gives us the opportunity to wrap our heads around the changes to come from all angles. Mars and Uranus are in Taurus, another fixed sign notorious for refusing to let go of familiar comforts.

This month isn’t about choosing discomfort per se, as much as it’s about recognizing all states of being as temporary; when we can no longer rely on what we’re used to, we might consider seeking support in our community of relationships. "What is the state of your community?" becomes the big question.

With Mercury retrograde for most of the month, February is not the ideal time to start any big projects or make big decisions, but a time to imagine and work out the logistics in your head. And of course, with Mars and Uranus in Taurus, it’s a good idea to return to your embodied intuition, and consider how each new possibility feels in your body.

February 1st

Venus enters Aquarius, and until Feb 25th, we can expect to find pleasure in conversation with friends, loved ones, and potentially find new connections on the internet. Venus is here to reveal to us the aesthetic of intrigue and encourage our ideas and perspectives to be a site of great attraction. You are not what you think, but the way you form your views is deeply personal to who you are. How can we be more appreciative of our diverse perspectives and see them as essential to forming the communities we crave to be a part of? While Venus is in Aquarius, explore being open-minded with your wants and preferences.

February 6th

Venus sidles up to Saturn and squares Uranus, creating a vibe that may be both austere and revelatory at the same time. This could be a moment to realize your way of acquiring what you want is no longer working for you, or you might receive insight about certain behavior dynamics you’re ready to change up in your relationships. Consider your intentions for whatever you’re trying to call in, and notice where there’s an expectation of getting it. Try detaching from the expectation and see what happens.

February 8th

Mercury retrograde enters the heart of the Sun, and in the sign of Aquarius this can be a great day for downloads. Whenever Mercury comes this close to the Sun during its retrograde cycle, we’re offered a piece of information that’s essential to our retrograde journey. Look to wherever you have Aquarius in your chart to get an idea of where in your life this clarity may look to come through.

February 10th

Mercury retrograde squares Mars and trines the North Node in Gemini. This may be a day for urgency to arise. You might feel called to take immediate action in response to some information you receive. Ask yourself if you know enough to act now, or if your compulsion is to react. There are likely plenty of missing pieces still, so it may be best to practice patience until you know more.

February 11th

Venus conjoins Jupiter on this new moon in Aquarius. This is a day to reach out to your people and let your community care be known. It’s a fertile moon for seeding intentions wherever you have Aquarius in your chart. Ritual aside, this will probably be a fortuitous day in which things go smoothly, or you may receive some uplifting information. It’s a day for good news, at the very least.

February 13th

Venus conjoins Mercury retrograde today, and Mars sextiles Neptune. You may receive some information having to do with the state of your relationships, but notice prompts to immediate action. While it may inspire you to act on your desires at the moment, the consequences of doing so are likely pretty blurred. Be deliberate in your actions—if it seems impulsive, it probably is.

February 14th

This Valentine’s Day, Mercury retrograde conjoins Jupiter, and it looks to be a funny day for romance. The trickster planet coming together with Jupiter might encourage lavish displays of affection, but they may land off the mark from what’s actually being desired. Consider celebrating love in a way that’s more liberating than you’ve known it to be. If you’re not in a partnership, or healing a heartbreak, give yourself the affection you’re actually interested in right now. Reach out to your community and celebrate love together (virtually). Or just ignore this “holiday” and keep your mind open to cosmic revelations.

February 17th

Saturn squares Uranus for the first of three times this year. This is a major defining aspect of 2021 that encourages us to re-evaluate the structures of our lives in need of a major overhaul. We may experience this as an urge to transform something foundational to our livelihood. The key seems to be remembering big changes like this will take time. As we become more aware of the ways the world is shifting, alternative possibilities for the future emerge. There is both a deep longing for, and a powerful fear of changing directions now. As much as we may want to be shown the way—or for this transformation to be modeled for us—we’re being invited to create our own template for living that’s in alignment with the boundaries and structures we can feel both liberated by, and securely contained within.

February 18th

The Sun moves into Pisces, and we’re ushered into the watery abyss of Pisces season. This adds a moist wellspring of relief to the very dry, airy and earthy energy we’ve been experiencing. Now is a good time to begin emotionally integrating the information you’ve gleaned during Aquarius season.

February 19th

Venus squares Mars today, adding a fierceness to our relational experiences. Tensions may run high, and passive aggression may seep through our encounters. This is a great opportunity to address conflict and resolve disagreements that may have been lingering for some time.

February 20th

Mercury stations direct, signalling the end of its retrograde cycle. This isn’t a green light yet because planetary stations are felt to be disorienting. In the coming days, whatever process you were in as of January will now resurface with more information and greater perspective for resolution.

February 24th

Mars trines Pluto, making this day powerful for taking action and getting things done. You may have access to a good deal of energy today, so if there’s been something intensive you’ve been putting off doing, today is a great day to dive into it with full force.

February 25th

Venus enters Pisces, which is a luxurious reprieve for the goddess of love and beauty. Venus exalts in Pisces, which means she has access to an abundance of resources to experience harmony and pleasure. After two months of Venus being in the restrictive Saturn-ruled signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, Venus in Pisces offers us some delicious romantic grandeur to relish.

February 26th

Jupiter trines the North node in Gemini, granting us a day of cerebral stimulation. Now, in the aftermath of Mercury retrograde, things may feel like they’re coming together at last. You may be integrating seemingly disparate ideas and synthesizing a concrete vision for moving forward. This is a green light to trust your flow.

All the fixed energy this month can feel heavy and intense. Give yourself space to settle your nervous system, look to others you love and trust for support, and remember you don’t need to have instant solutions—now or ever. Trust that answers will come when you open yourself to receiving them on their own time.

If you’d like personalized guidance for navigating change during this dense Aquarian season, you can book a reading with me here.

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