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Updated: Aug 28, 2021

I sat down with Jen Waine. a mom who loves reading, traveling, dancing, and speaking French. She also happens to be a gifted and accomplished Astrologer, writer, and wellness coach.

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Q. Can you please introduce yourself?

A. My name is Jen Waine. I was born in NYC, but I've been living in Charlottesville for the last 20 years. I'm a certified Yogastrolger®, Astrologer, Ceremonialist, + Wellness Coach. My company is Yoga, Astrology & Wellness with Jen Waine.

Q. What is Yogastrology®?

A. Yogastrogly® is the practice of looking at our luminaries, which is our sun and our moon. There's a body correlation for each sign. Right now, the sun is in Capricorn.** The body correlation for Capricorn is the knees. And then we look to the moon. The moon is in Leo, and the body correlation for Leo is the spine. So I design a practice that focuses on the knees and the spine. While we move through yoga poses, I speak about the archetypes of Capricorn and Leo to understand them more deeply and learn how to use those energies in a practical way to get the most out of them.

**This interview was conducted back in January. Jen's notes on the sky were relevant to that time. If you want to know about current astrology follow her on Facebook.

Q. What is Astrology?

A. Astrology is a cosmic clock that helps us understand when different portals of time are opening that we can align with. For example, a few days ago, we had a massive Eclipse. Because I know this, I can create practices that are grounding and support for these intense periods.

Q. What is a Natal Chart?

A. It's a snapshot of the Sky the moment you entered this incarnation. It is what was happening in the Sky, that exact moment you entered the earth. Those energies have imprinted you. You chose those energies because you said before you wanted to come into this body, I want to experience a, b, and c and learn about x, y, and z. So you chose everything in your Chart and everything that you're experiencing.

I don't know exactly how it works. But I will work with someone in Colorado that I have never met before. And I am looking at their Chart. We have an hour together. I asked them if it resonates, and they say it does. And there is magic in that.

**You can find your Natal Chart here**

Q. What are your main goals with your work?

A. I would say that there are two main goals with my work. One is to help people in transition, and the other is to help people that are working with a very ramped up nervous system (what we commonly refer to as anxiety). I find that knowledge brings relief and validation. And it brings a sense of calm and soothing to our nervous systems.

There's also a relief that comes from the chart reading as well. There's just this great sense of Ah; I get it now. Everything is designed the way it's supposed to be, and everything's okay.

Q. How did you get started in Astrology?

A. Astrology definitely found me. I would say that it started from a place of trying to navigate anxiety, trying to feel more comfortable in my skin, and more comfortable in my body and trying to navigate a lot of significant life transitions. But I can remember being fascinated with it from an early age. At around 14, I remember opening a Llewellyn calendar, and I thought to myself, one day, I would love to understand all of this.

About 15 years ago, I had panic attacks, and that's when I started to learn about mindfulness and meditation, and I became a yoga instructor. Shortly after (through social media), I found a woman, Diane Booth Gilliam, who created something called Yogastrogly®. It piqued my interest because I was a yoga instructor. I loved that she was bridging yoga and Astrology.

I was a single mom at the time, but somehow I found the money to take her training. Shortly after that, I was working for her.

I love Yogastrogly®. I've always been comfortable reading people's energy through movement; (Yogastrogly® ) was a beautiful way to translate the Sky and all of the science and the planets and all these big concepts and feel them on a cellular level. I was teaching Yogastrogly® for about nine years, and students and clients would come up to and ask me to read their Chart. I started to take more classes. When I had my Chart read I saw some things that explained my wiring and *blew my mind!* From that point on, I was sold. It helped me because I was no longer "too much" or "hard to handle." I learned I have a certain intensity because of where Pluto sits, in terms of being next to other planets of mine. And when I understood what that meant, *everything* made sense

I did these studies while working my day job teaching high school French. I was a teacher for 20 years. I loved teaching at the high school level because teenagers are the epitome of souls in transition, and I love working with people in transition.

I have recently dedicated myself to becoming a full-time astrologer and wellness coach. I'm back in school in a certification program for Evolutionary Astrology with Maurice Fernandez. I chose it because not only is it a psychological deep dive and excavation of the Chart, but it's also a spiritual one.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your Chart?

A. I'm a five times libra.

Q. Does that mean you're balanced? I have a lot of Cancer placements in my Chart. What does that even mean?

A. It's the opposite. I'm always in search of balance. Libra is an air sign that is very much about diplomacy and relationships and harmony and accommodating others. And it can be a challenging placement as all of our signs can be. And it can be beautiful.

It's kind of like a recipe where everyone has a little bit of Libra or a little bit of Cancer. Some people have a teaspoon, you and I have a quart.

Q. What else?

A. I love my work. I have five planets in the 10th house of a stellium, which means that I'm a workaholic. I'm in love with my work, and so I can work all hours, but sometimes to my detriment. 10th house is your Dharma, your vocation, what you're called to do.

Q. Tell us about your offerings and what you'd like to see for your company (in the future)?

A. I offer 1:1 Natal Chart readings and Full Moon Women's Circles. I also host a group called Sanctuary, where we meet Monday through Friday at 7, AM EST. It's a great way to start your day with Yogastrogly® and meditation. I cover the most important astrological transits, so you know what is essential and can align your day and get the most out of what's going on in the Sky

I also have a 2020 Astrology forecast for the year. In the report, I go through the hot spots (pockets of time that are potentially intense like the past few days) so that you can anticipate, and you can plan your year. People always reach out to me, asking when should I get married? When should I buy a house? When should I do this? That information can be found in the forecast.

In May, I'll be offering a Women's Wellness Retreat called "Renewal." It is three days and two nights over the Scorpio Full Moon. It is a time for women to relax, renew, and receive. I'm putting the finishing touches on it right now. Full information will be available shortly.

Q. Where can we find you?

A. I write newsletters called Cosmic Love Letters and make Intimate Astrology Facebook live videos. I'm on Facebook and Instagram. My website is, and my Patreon is

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