Jen Waine: Astrological Forecast for May 2020

May brings a number of retrogrades - Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter retrograde every year, but Venus retrogrades only once every 18 months.

May 11 Saturn stations retrograde

May 13 Venus stations retrograde

May 14 Jupiter stations retrograde

During the Saturn retrograde we’ll be asked to revisit the themes of accountability and how we show up in the world. Expect life to slow down. We’ll be more internal and reflective.

The Jupiter retrograde will ask us to revisit how we are expanding and growing.

We’ll also be invited to reflect on Venusian themes as Venus retrogrades. A Venus backslide encourages us to consider what we value. We’ll look closely at our relationships and our finances.

VENUS RETROGRADE may bring in souls we’ve danced with in previous lives to help us work out karma and lessons we need to learn. You’ll know if you meet someone during this time frame and it feels “fated.” That doesn’t necessarily mean you are destined to spend your entire lives together. It does mean you have a deep dive to take with this individual. Eclipses also tend to bring in “fated” encounters. Notice who comes in and out during Venus retrograde and the eclipses of this year. Notice Venus retrograde overlaps with an eclipse. Let’s see who arrives, shall we?

Venus’ retrograde ends June 25, just four days after June’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Also, this retrograde wraps up two days after Neptune goes retrograde (dates for this time frame in the Planetary Overview – page 16). Venus and Neptune = Romance on Steroids. Possible bliss, rapture and a good chance of rose colored glasses. Enjoy, but remember to stay grounded. Remember that soul mates are here to teach you what you most need to learn. I met two soul mates during periods of Venus retrograde and eclipses.

My last partner came in with an eclipse. NONE OF THEM WERE MEANT TO STAY. They were some of my greatest teachers, my greatest loves. And the learning wasn’t always easy. I’d rather call them KARMATES (karma-mates) than soul mates. Because they were each very karmically linked to my growth in very exquisitely masterful ways.

I’ve taught courses and retreats during Venus retrograde because there is so much to uncover. And so much healing that is possible. Perhaps I’ll cook up an offering for us to explore Venus retrograde more deeply this Spring...

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