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Q. I want to tell you before we begin that I’ve noticed my eye color is lighter since we worked together. When we first spoke, my hair was getting thinner, and my eyes were getting darker. I thought that was strange because I was becoming more spiritual, but I was being drained.

A. That's so funny. As we met early this morning, I could not take my eyes off your eyes. I always believe in the physical manifestation of our moving forward in our journey. Walking in the direction of love and light. It all comes down to you. It comes down to the lesson of loving yourself. When you're on a journey of spirituality or healing, it's imperative to do those things for yourself first. I hope I help people to remember not to sit in the back of the bus but push themselves forward.

You're very gifted, and I believe everybody has that. Sometimes we just need a little guidance on which door to open and which door to close. We feel a loyalty to family or loyalty to something that’s draining us. You need to have the courage and someone to take your hand to stand with you as you close that door.

Q. I agree. On that note, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A. I was born in Culpepper, VA, but my dad was in the military. I moved every two to three years of my entire life. It gave me the experience to be open to all cultures, all people, all walks of life. It was a joy, and I’m so grateful for it. My company is Paula Snellings.

Q. How did you end up in Charlottesville?

A. It's a little bit of a love story. Mainly, it's because of my husband. I met my husband when I was 12 (we've been married now 33 years). He's my twin flame, my hero, and my strength. I’m in VA because of him; we moved to Madison County because my mom lived there. We currently live by the Blue Ridge Mountains - it's peaceful. I'll probably be here for a long time. I think that when you look at the Blue Ridge Mountains, it's very angelic. You feel that angel energy. You believe that power of creation. It's very settling and balancing.

Q. How did you get started in your career?

A. You can call it gifts, abilities, or wisdom embedded, but I've had it for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I could tell my mom the phone's about to ring, and the phone would ring.

I was a registered nurse for 20 years. Being in the hospital setting gave me the skills and credentials to be of service. When I was 28, I had a concern about what I was doing. I was confused about working on the spiritual side because I was raised as a Baptist girl. I put it out to God, and I said, "If you want me to proceed, please give me a sign." I heard an audible voice say, "what do you need?" I was in the middle of my house, and it was just a surreal moment. The only thing I could think of was a red ribbon. I said, "give me a red ribbon." I walked into my living room and on the floor was a 12-inch red ribbon. I'm a nurse; I like to keep everything clean and tidy. It wasn't me that left a red ribbon on the floor. And I knew from that point on, that was it, and I haven't looked back. As long as I know that I' 'm working with integrity, out of empathy and compassion, and keeping it real, I know I’m doing the right thing.

Q. Was there a conflict growing up in a Baptist household?

A. When I first started this work, I thought, how are people going to see me? Will, I even have a client? As I stepped in, everything has worked out, but it wasn't always that easy.

I love my parents, and they love me, but I can tell you they had no clue. I felt like; maybe the stork dropped me off in the wrong house. Nobody understood me in that capacity. I'll never forget, I was spending the night with my great grandmother in this little country home. I was upstairs and saw this man like I’m now looking at you. I went kicking, and screaming down the stairs, telling my grandmother, and she got out a photobook. She said, who did you see?'' I never met my great grandfather, and when I pointed to the person I saw, she told me that was him. She looked at me and said, you've got something, you've got something girl. From that point on, people would say, you've got something. I felt a conflict between my gift and my church. As long as I was serving God, that would determine my direction.

Q. What exactly are your gifts?

A. I guess you would say mediumship. It's a hard thing to define, a couple of years ago, during a meditation, I asked, What am I? Who am I? What am I supposed to be doing? I heard, "Hello, you're a soul intuitive." As a soul is intuitive, I'm helping you figure out what your soul purpose is, what your gifts are, and how to love yourself.

I'm also a spirit communicator. I have the gift to see and listen to spirits; The Spirit Communicator is my favorite thing. I can see all these beautiful divine angels, your families in a reading.

I also do Reiki healing, spiritual healing, and recently I’ve been called to do spiritual clearing. That’s where I identify things that are holding you back. I look at what energies are holding you back. I help people figure out what the shadow part is and how to lift it. I also do property clearings and property blessings. I guess I would say my contributions are communicating with the divine, and that's where I’ve grounded myself.

Q. What do you mean when you say shadow?

A. It’s looking at the things that are holding you back from your divine purpose. It can be an entity, a dark force, or your own objections. It could be something to do with a friend or a family member that has caused strife in your life. In a relationship, sometimes a partner has caused damage and destruction; and put things in your energy field. You feel bound or trapped. Sometimes people want to strip that worldliness away, to tap into that power and grab it away and use it over you. I'm trying to help people step into their power. Bring empowerment with love.

I think my journey is about helping people step back into their wholeness and their potential. I love it when people come to me. I'm here for you. But I want you to know that you’ve got what it takes already within you. You may just need a little consultation to get you going. I don't want to be the source, what I want you to depend on is the divine.

Q. Who is a person that should come to you for your service?

A. I tell people that if you feel like you're going through a significant change and you can't put your finger on how to move forward. That's an excellent time to come. That's for the soul intuitive guidance. We're seeing more people awaken, but feel lost all at the same time. They don't know what their gifts are. They don't know what their purpose is or how to use it.

My passion is also to help those who have lost loved ones.

Q. I know you have a formal education in this. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

A. I'm a registered nurse, BSN, Reiki Master, and level four Spiritual Clearer. Nursing was my career and my foundation. For mediumship, I’ve gone to Arthur Finley College for Spiritual Studies. I've been there almost 12 times for different studies, and I learn something new every single time. When I first started, I did spiritual healing, which was mind-blowing. Halfway through the course, they told me I needed to be in mediumship.

Q. Can you access past lives?

A. I always tell people, you don't have to believe in past lives. But if a past life issue comes up in this lifetime, it's still supposed to teach you something. In the past 30 years, I’ve got a plethora of information from spirit people. Before we incarnate into a physical body, we sit down at a table with all the players that want to be in your life. You have a series of contracts - how long am I going to live? What learnings will I have? Sometimes our patterns are the reasons we live over and over again until we get that learning or until we free ourselves from it.

Q. I had someone help me recently with some energy work. That night I had a dream that I was a Buddhist monk running away from Chinese soldiers. I had a bag of coins in my hand. I dropped the coins, someone helped me up, and they got shot. I ran and hid in a store, and the store owner got shot for protecting me. I woke up in the fetal position as if it was happening to me in real-time. I told my friend, who mentioned I had taken a vow of poverty in a past life, which you said as well.

A. This has been a cool thing when we talk about past lives; it's not linear. It's not on a horizontal line. They’re saying now that past lives are vertical. When you dream, your consciousness went to that dimension that you had in that lifetime. You brought it back into this lifetime, to teach you something.

Q. In our first session, you spoke with my maternal grandmother. You were saying you smelled gum, and I thought that was so strange. My mom said she never chewed gum. When I got home, I realized I had just bought gum, and it was in the car. I usually don't have gum on me, which was why I didn't think of it. I think she was trying to tell you she was with me in the car.

A. They give evidence that they're walking with you in real-time. I'll tell you this, too, I'm just human. Every time information filters, you put your spin on it. I'm not always 100% able to target it specifically. And I'll be the first to say, you know, I may not get something, and I'll tell you.

Q. Looking back on the 30 years you've been doing this, what are some things you’ve learned?

A. We're all developing at different paces, there's no easy way out. The most important thing is to be true to yourself. You have to find the love in your heart - to love who you are, exactly where you are, and to stay in the moment. As we remain in the moment, that's where the gifts are. That's where the magic is.

Q. Any messages for me?

A. I could have done a whole reading for you. I hear this lady say, tell her she's empowering you to step into your power. You’re just remembering how powerful you were. Do you understand, in past lives, you had the tools already and you're having your soul cell memory ignited. Do you remember how powerful you are? She's just telling you to open and look at life as potential. It's just filled with your potential.

Q. What notes do you have for the collective?.

A. The learnings that I've been getting lately is to try to live in the moment. When it gets hard, we have many challenges, and I'm not without being challenged too, but live in the moment.

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