Valerie Sargent, Akashic Record Reader

Valerie Sargent is an intuitive holistic healer, Akashic Record reader, and certified hypnotherapist.

Q. Please introduce yourself and tell me a little about what you do.

A. My name is Valerie Sargent and my company is The Fig Leaf. I offer a unique and personalized integration of healing modalities. I'm an intuitive holistic healer, Akashic Record reader, and certified hypnotherapist. I grew up in the Tidewater area of Virginia, and I currently live in Charlottesville, VA.

Q. What is the Akashic Record?

A. The Akashic Record is a realm of healing that contains everything about your soul, every thought, every word, every action. The entirety of your soul's existence.

Your soul exists throughout space and time, but your conscious awareness is in this body right now. There's a portion of your conscious awareness here, maybe 45%- 55%. As we evolve, that grows. In you, I'm sensing between 60% - 65% of your conscious awareness is in this physical body. The rest of your soul is out there in all these other realms, including between lives.

Our brain thinks of time in the timeline - past, present, future. The reality is that in your Akashic Record - time is all happening now. There's no past, no future; there's only now. When you work in Records, you're shifting energy from this moment, the past, and the future. When we work in the Records, we have an opportunity to identify all beliefs, patterns, and situations that are part of you. We can determine what you need to clear in this life. Because of where we are in our conscious evolution, we can save ourselves, save the world, and evolve by remembering who and what we are.

Q. What are we?

A. We are our Creator (or God, Source), and we're starting to remember that. As we bring this fact into actual awareness, something happens inside of us. We create more light. When you begin to believe that you are that which created you, you bring more light into your body. It changes your body and brings it into balance. It changes the energy you emit into the world. And that's how we begin to wake other people up.

Q. What do you mean when you say, 'wake people up.'

A. Things like comparison and jealousy, keep us separate. We need to remember that we're all part of God or Source, and to love ourselves and each other.

Q. How do you access the Records?

A. If we're doing a full reading, I would say a prayer. Because I've worked in the Records for so long, I kind of live there. I know that sounds odd, but it's like the Records are just there. For this interview, I will just pause for a moment and open myself up to receive energy and information for your highest and best always for your highest and best.

Q. I was telling you my goals for Soul House Love, and you started to tell me what you saw. Can you elaborate on that?

A. This is what you came here to do. You're a networker. You start talking, and I'm tuning into your energy so I can see you've connected to a large piece of what you're here to do. The more I do it, the more I connect to it, the easier it becomes to close my eyes because then I begin to see the picture in my head.

Some people see auras, I see through my inner vision. I get a picture of your energy. What I see when you're telling me about yourself, is a beautiful orange, red. This energy comes in through your crown, and it falls through. The more you talk about it, the wider it gets, you're very much in tune with it. The more you bring that energy to you, the more you connect to it, because it's something you've done before.

Q. That makes sense to me, I can feel that.

A. In the Akashic Record, going back to the past, present, future, your soul exists in every reality that you could imagine. For example, when you dream. Or when you experience deja vu. You are driving someplace, and you think, "Oh my god, there's something about this that resonates." You are connecting to your multidimensional self. You are beginning to become aware of different aspects of your soul that are existing in all these different realms. The more we evolve, the easier it becomes to do that.

Q. So we're all connected?

A. There's nothing random about your conscious awareness being here right now. Have you heard of the Harmonic Convergence 1987? In 1987, there was the Harmonic Convergence, and we've been moving into a new energy ever since. There's a massive shift in the energy of the world and the paradigms we've grown familiar with. The earth and all this turmoil is like dark Old Energy coming up and out. The analogy I get is a volcano exploding. It's getting the old stuff out. Then it has to heal. Revelation is not as it appears in the bible or as man describes it, where God is judging us.

God, or whatever you want to call that which created All, is simply the consciousness of love. We're all returning to that. Since we're in the time of revelation, we're revealing to ourselves who we are. We're returning to that love. As we do, it changes us from the inside out; it changes our energy field. You're revealing to yourself who you are, and as you do that, you're shifting your energy, and your energy is affecting the energy of everyone you meet. When you're revealing to them who you are, it's an unspoken invitation for them to do the same. It's like we're helping each other because there's only one of us. So life is really about experiencing it.

Q. How does an Akashic Record Reading work?

A. When I work in the Records, I connect to whatever your soul needs at any given time, to help you move forward in the way that's best for you. For some, that's recognizing a pattern that you're repeating, and it's apparent in this lifetime because you're ready to be done with it. You're ready to be free; you're ready to move forward.

Q. How did your spiritual journey start?

A. I was raised Catholic, and by 24, I married my college sweetheart. Six months after we were married, he was called away for a trip. The day he was going, I had this weird premonition, but I didn't know what that feeling was. At the time, I worked in the car business. It was February 28, 1987. He told me he would call me when he got to his parent's house. I was with a customer, and I usually don't take any phone calls when I am with a customer. That day they paged over the system that I had a phone call, and I took the call, which was unusual for me. I spoke to him, and the last thing I said to him was, I love you. That whole day I felt weird.

I would never hear from him again. He was in a fatal car accident. When they told me, I just kind of went into shock. I couldn't sleep at all that night. By the dawn of the next day, March 1, just as I was falling asleep, I felt his soul pass through me. It came in the top of my head and moved down through me - it was like two seconds of him - pure peace and bliss, saying goodbye. Then it was gone, and all the grief and everything came back. But I had that moment, and it was a gift. And it was terrific.

That morning at breakfast, my dad said, I need to tell you about a dream I had last night about Charles. In the dream, Charles came to my dad and said, "Ernie get my parents and Val together. I have something to tell you." In the dream, my dad got Charles's parents and me, and we sat down at the table, and my dad started talking, and it was Charles' voice speaking through my dad. I believed him because my dad said, in the dream, I called Charles a nickname that no one else knew about. In the dream Charles was speaking through my father saying, there's nothing to fear, he's perfectly fine. Don't worry about him, don't fear death and don't worry about him. He's good. You know, my 25-year-old egotistical self wished I'd had the dream but, looking back, it needed to come from my father because he was a trusted source. That dream was so significant. From that day on, my whole perception of death and God and life after death, and reincarnation, all of that shifted, and that's when I woke up. I guess you could say everything changed for me from that moment.

Three years later, I got remarried, and I had kids. I went through a period where I learned about Buddhism, Mormonism, and at one point, I was a born-again Christian.

Q. That is quite the shift...

A. Yes, there was a short period where I renounced reincarnation. I know now that I needed to learn all of these things to grow and change.

There were long periods of introspection - second-guessing my thoughts and questioning how God works. It's challenging to uproot old beliefs about God.

Eventually, the knowledge I needed would come to me. I would walk into a bookstore and a book I was meant to read would fall off a shelf. I read everything. Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, anything by Abraham Hicks, Edgar Casey, I even did a year and self-studied A Course In Miracles.

During that time, I had energy work done. I was introduced to Reiki, and I could feel the energy moving through me. I knew I had to learn it and eventually I became a Reiki Master.

I started to get more premonitions, and I could begin to feel and predict what would happen in certain situations. I had an Akashic Record reading by this woman, and right after that, a friend of mine handed me this book, it was called "How to Read Your Akashic Record" by Linda Howe. Within a chapter, I knew I was supposed to read the Akashic Record.

Q. What about hypnotherapy?

A. When my first husband died, I had regression hypnotherapy with a friend of mine. She regressed me back to a lifetime where I lived with him, and it was just very powerful and impacted me. I've always been kind of fascinated with hypnosis, and five years ago, I did my certification classes on hypnosis at the Association for Research and Enlightenment down in Virginia Beach.

Hypnosis is a natural state of being. You move in and out of it multiple times a day. Anytime you're very focused on something, you're still aware of everything going on around you. You're not out of it. What we do in hypnosis is we get your body relaxed enough to bypass the conscious mind. What I do that's probably different is I open your Akashic Record before we do the hypnosis. It typically takes anywhere from two to five sessions to make a difference because your subconscious mind is so powerful.

Q. That sounds amazing. I need a session to help me with my eating habits.

A. That's a very common thing, especially for women. Your current heritage, are you Jewish? The fact that you came into this life a Jewish woman is important. There's an aspect of having to hide. Are you Ashkenazi?

Q. Yes.

A. That's an important factor as well. I don't understand what this means. But there's something about purity in there. I don't know what that means just yet. It has to do with hiding - repressing your true nature. It has to do with being judged. Oh, there's a whole lot there about being judged, but there's also something about purity at the very core of it and others persecuting you for your purity. It's like there's something …..Are you married now?

Q. Yes.

A. Happily married?

Q. Yes.

A. Because I feel like you chose him. He's in your soul family. He also very much accepts you no matter how you perceive yourself as looking.

Q. That's nice to hear.

A. The key is to love and accept yourself exactly as you are. The most challenging thing is loving ourselves, and it's hard. It's tough. But that's why we're here. That's some of my Karmic lessons as well. You're amazingly precious to him, just so that you know.

Q. I adore and love him. I'm grateful that as I've transitioned to a more mystical side, he hasn't been like what is this?

A. That's also very important - he loves and accepts you regardless. One of the reasons you chose each other was so that you would have a safe place to examine some of your deepest fears.

Q. Thank you for that. I noticed a lot of artwork in your studio.

A. Yes, I'm an artist. I have some shows here in Charlottesville, and I have an Etsy shop. I also created and sell Custom Akashic Record Intuitive Reading Cards.

Q. Since you kind of live in the Akashic Record, how do you stay grounded?

A. It took me a long time to know how not to take people's energy in. I'm now very clear about not being so physically open. I clear my body, my office, and my home every day. I say a prayer and I use a spray that I created as well.

Q. Do you have any messages for me?

A. Do you have a grandmother who has passed on? She's saying you're here to carry on important work, there is an ancestral connection to it. Time is on your side, slow down.

Q. Anything else you would like to add?

A. You will know when you want to have your Record read. There will be a feeling or a pull, and I will be here when you feel it.

**Valerie hosted our second SHL event, which I hold near and dear to my heart. She also did a guided meditation with me that left me feeling VERY relaxed and at ease. I think the Akashic Record is one of the coolest things we can access. I highly recommend you do a session with Val.**

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